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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Weekend of Trials

This weekend has been less than spectacular but I did learn some very important lessons...pretty much straight from the mouth of Jillian Michaels. First, Friday night was great I came home early from school and got my work out in before I went to my little cousins basketball tournament. Saturday however, was something much different. We, my hubby and I, when we realized his parents were in the driveway-so the day just started off in a hurry, which drives me insane. Then we went to town with them, and we stop for lunch...I have made all my goals and desires clear with my entire family, but everyone decides on CULVERS...so I am actually fearful of a place like this because I have CHOSEN to eliminate these types of places from my life, but there was a time when I loved this kind of food. I get to the menu and well there wasn't really any good choices that I could see in a hurry, so I tried a less evil one and ordered a sourdough sandwich. After eating there I got home I felt disgusting and remembered all the reasons that that is just not going to be a part of me and john's life ever again.

The reason this comes back to Jillian is because she talks in one of her podcasts about when you spend time with the people that you love and they make poor eating choices that you need to try and spend time with them doing things other than eating. I love his mom and dad so much and I catch myself worrying about so many things that are completely out of my control. It is the power of free will, and I pray for them every night and I try to get them to want change but I can just love them with my whole heart and that is all that I can do right now.

Sunday has been a huge victory because I got up this morning and poached two eggs on whole wheat toast, then had a 6" sub for lunch,and am making this amazing pot roast recipe that I will post tomorrow!! Plus I did Jillian Michaels Frontside and burned 520 calories, then decided to do her kickboxing dvd and burned 274 more yahoo!!

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