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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time to update!

Well it's been a while since I've blogged!

We spent the last week at my parents empty house, and it was a time of 'firsts' for me as far as working out goes. I worked out early in the morning (5:40) for the first time. And while it made me feel great for the day, I kind of hated it. I didn't have the energy and UMPH like I do in the afternoons/evenings. I also did a full hour on the elliptical for the first time! Then I did it 2 more times that week! And I did it again last night at home! I was burning about 630 calories doing that, and last night I burned 700! I was in interval training on the elliptical, which I don't normally do. Turns out, I should be doing it that way! So I think that's my new 'thing' right now. It feels great to know that I can actually do a full hour. I also drank about 100 oz. of water yesterday, ate really well, and this morning I weighed 186.2. Just yesterday I was a bloated 189.8! I'm thrilled!! Today isn't my official weigh in day, so I will update again Friday, but I wanted to record it as the last day of the month. And I officially lost 5 lbs in the month of March. To be honest, I thought I would do much better, but 5 lbs. is 5 lbs. no matter how you look at it.

So that's all just great, but I've discovered something really annoying! It's becoming SO HARD to get my heart rate up! And to keep it up! I feel like the second I take a small break, it drops way back down to almost normal levels. Which I know is good and means I'm getting in great shape, but sucks as far as calorie burn goes. I took my 36 minute walk today and could absolutely not get my heart rate about 66%. It usually hovers around 70-72, so this was annoying. Of course I understand that it's a good sign, but annoying nonetheless!!

Well here's to another great week of eating healthy and (literally) exercising my butt off. I can't believe I'm only 6.2 lbs away from seeing the 170's! It feels soooo good. I'm planning to do another full hour on the elliptical right after work, I'll keep you updated!

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