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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just Checkin in...

My weigh in today was 163.6.

I know. I had to pick my jaw off the floor as well!!

Grand total weight loss to date : ... from 208 to 163.6 is 44.4 lbs!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Struggling...need to take care of me

well i just got done texting mallory and I agree with her that I need to blog about my struggles as of late. Real life has been catching up with me the last couple months and I have slipped into one of my worst habits of taking care of everyone else but myself. This isn't a new habit, actually I would consider it more of a cycle that I get into....when I'm doing really well I start to forget how hard it was for me to get there, which in turn leads me to take for granted that I can stay there without as much work, about then some major crisis happens and I forget about myself completely.

So here I am, up 11 pounds from my all time lowest weight. I will admit that I haven't worked out in almost three weeks. There I said it, its out in the open now, and the only person I have to blame is myself. Unfortunately, I know so much more now than I did a year ago about weight loss and health because I know EXACTLY how I got myself to the place I am right now. Not exactly profound what I am saying, but yes if you eat like shit and don't exercise...it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what will happen. Normally I am a huge advocate for the saying "knowledge is power" but that now I have realized that "knowledge is only power if you USE it".

Today I am officially pulling my head out of my ass, and am going back to the gym on Monday. Here are the classes I am taking:

Monday: Kickboxing 4:30-5:15 pm
Tuesday: Kickboxing 8:15-9:00 am, Strength Training 5:30-6:15 pm
Wednesday: Kickboxing 5:30-6:15 pm
Thursday: Kickboxing 8:15-9:00 am, Strength Training 5:30-6:15 pm
Friday: Kickboxing 8:15-9:00 am

Here is my testament to myself and motivated or not I have to get back on track. I am so down right now I hardly remember how much I love exercise and feeling strong. This isn't a question about motivation its a question of proving to myself that by losing 50 pounds in the last year that I have made a change in my life and not been on another "diet"

Monday, June 21, 2010

1st picture is from Jan of 2009, at 196 lbs. Second pic is from June 20 2010 at 171 lbs.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm here!

Sorry I've been so distant. Computer issues at work have kept me away, and will likely keep me away for a while still.

Anyway, my current weight is 173.6. I have finally hit a plateau, as I've been at this weight for 2 weeks straight. My Dr. apt is Thursday, and I am just praying for mercy that I have lost enough this month for him to give me another month's RX for the phen. Cross your fingers for me!

Even though I'm somewhat stuck at this weight, I want to give myself a HUGE pat on the back for being 173 lbs. I have no idea when my weight was last this low. This is huge for me. And knowing that I am so close to the 160's... it's almost like shock. As though I can't really quite wrap my mind around the idea of that.

Anyway, now I say I have hit a plateau, but I know exactly why I have hit it so I'm not sure if it even qualifies as a plateau. It's simple. Not tracking my intake as well, things like camping 2 weekends in a row, family bbq's, not making exercise my first priority, etc. The excuses go on and on, but I'm not here to make excuses for myself. I know what I've been doing wrong, and I'm changing it now (got up at 5:15 today and did 70 minutes on the elliptical, 500 calories burned and plan to keep it up) so I should be seeing a loss next week for sure.

Also I am going to start incorporating jogging back into my regime. On June 2 I jogged a mile (without stopping) in 10 minutes and 42 seconds. That's a HUGE record for me! I'd really like to get to where I can go farther than 1 mile without needing a walk break, and I want to sign up for another 5k to help motivate me. Actually, I think I will go search for one right now. I'll keep you updated!!

*Don't forget to X your fingers for my apt Thursday!*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another week is gone...

And so is another 1.6 lbs!!


My weekly weigh in results = 177.2

Down 1.6 lbs from last week.

I'll take it!!

Also on saturday I went shopping and bought some dress shorts... size 12!

I am just soooo excited to be seeing some actual progress. I had my Dr. apt yesterday for my 1 month check up on phen, and he was very pleased with my progress. As am I!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekly weigh in and other happy things.

So I am 2 days late with posting this, but here goes...

Drumroll please...

I lost 2 more lbs last week!
My weight as of 5/11/2010 is 178.8.

My hard work is paying off, and I am SO HAPPY. Slowly but surely my friends, I will reach my goal.

I have been totally kicking butt in working out these past couple weeks, but unfortunately the Shred is starting to take it's toll on my knee once again. I seem to be swelling up pretty good every evening that I shred, and today it's pretty swollen and achy. Needless to say, I am really disappointed but I am going to back off the Shred for now. It's not worth the risk of a real injury.

Anyway, I am down a total of 9 lbs in 3 weeks. From eating healthy, and exercising my butt off. And I feel like a million freakin dollars!

I bought this top (it's actually SUPER cute irl) at Express about 3 years ago, and wore it once because it was too small. It was too small when I bought it, but it was one of those "Oh I am going to lose weight anyway so it will be perfect!" things. Well I didn't lose weight, I actually gained weight. I tried it on probably 18 months ago (around 195-200 lbs) and it was RIDICULOUSLY small. I mean really. I could button it but it looked like the buttons were going to pop off if I dared to move, and we all know how attractive the *fat stomach busting out of my top* look is.
This picture is from Tuesday. (Don't mind the totally weird blow-fish face i'm making here. Not sure what that's about.)

I was on a *some of my old smaller clothes finally fit!!* rush after this, so yesterday I pulled out a pair of pants I bought last summer. They were on clearance for $4 at Target, and like the aforementioned top, they were way too small when I bought them but I was planning to lose weight anyway. (Am I the only one who does this? Or is that normal? Hubby would kill me if he knew I bought clothes that didn't even fit!)

I have tried the pants on a time or two since purchasing them, but they were just too tight. They squeezed my stomach and made my butt look gigantic because they had the 'painted on' look. I t actually wore them to work one day in the winter, and I remember taking them off the second I got home because they were so uncomfortable and I didn't want John to see how -too small- they were. Well yesterday I pulled them out of the closet. And they are not even TIGHT now!! I had to double check to make sure they were the correct pants. They fit like they were made for my body. I couldn't believe it.

I feel like my hard work is finally starting to pay off. I don't always notice it when I look in the mirror, but it's happening. And I am so excited!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

She's still got it!!

So yesterday morning, I woke up at 5:10 to do the Shred and elliptical as my week plan suggests.

Well... I guess my muscles were still really fatigued from shredding on Monday, because it was SO HARD. Every squat, every pushup, every side lunge with lateral raise... OMG. I thought I wasn't even going to make it all the way through the video. Jillian and her favorite "Don't phone this in!!" phrase couldn't even keep me from...well...phoning it in. By the time the 27 minutes were up, I was dog tired and incredibly disappointed.

After the shred, I hopped on the ellip for my 30 minutes. And once again, I thought I was going to drop dead. My quads were burning, and I just felt so and tired and awful. I only finished 15 minutes! Coming from a girl who can normally bust out 60 minutes with no problem... I was so disappointed and felt frustrated about it for the entire day. A half assed shred, coupled with 15 horrible minutes on the elliptical?! Who was I??

Anyway, after work yesterday I was feeling really good (I give thanks to my 2:30 Diet Mtn. Dew) and thought it would be good to hit the track and see how many laps I could jog. I hadn't even attempted jogging for a long time and I know the longer I wait, the harder it is to get going again. I would guess it had been 6 weeks or so, if not more, so I wasn't expecting to do very well at all. In fact I was expecting it to be pretty terrible.

Well after my 5 minute warm up walk, I jogged an entire mile, without stopping, in 11 minutes and 34 seconds!! My best time yet!! I was (am) so proud, and felt like the queen of the world!! It felt great to bust out an entire mile when I had been thinking i'd barely be able to finish a lap! Anyway, I spent 50 minutes at the track (jogging some and walking some) and burned 53o calories. I think it's safe to say that I stopped feeling so bad about my awful morning workout when all was said and done!

As for today... I am absolutely SPENT. Rather than following my plan and doing an hour on the elliptical today, I am going to do some flexability yoga tonight with the hubs, and call it good. This bod needs a little break!! However, I will absolutely be back on the elliptical tomorrow morning at 5:20, and will be shredding again on Saturday. Can't wait to see how many lbs I lose this week!

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