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Thursday, May 6, 2010

She's still got it!!

So yesterday morning, I woke up at 5:10 to do the Shred and elliptical as my week plan suggests.

Well... I guess my muscles were still really fatigued from shredding on Monday, because it was SO HARD. Every squat, every pushup, every side lunge with lateral raise... OMG. I thought I wasn't even going to make it all the way through the video. Jillian and her favorite "Don't phone this in!!" phrase couldn't even keep me from...well...phoning it in. By the time the 27 minutes were up, I was dog tired and incredibly disappointed.

After the shred, I hopped on the ellip for my 30 minutes. And once again, I thought I was going to drop dead. My quads were burning, and I just felt so and tired and awful. I only finished 15 minutes! Coming from a girl who can normally bust out 60 minutes with no problem... I was so disappointed and felt frustrated about it for the entire day. A half assed shred, coupled with 15 horrible minutes on the elliptical?! Who was I??

Anyway, after work yesterday I was feeling really good (I give thanks to my 2:30 Diet Mtn. Dew) and thought it would be good to hit the track and see how many laps I could jog. I hadn't even attempted jogging for a long time and I know the longer I wait, the harder it is to get going again. I would guess it had been 6 weeks or so, if not more, so I wasn't expecting to do very well at all. In fact I was expecting it to be pretty terrible.

Well after my 5 minute warm up walk, I jogged an entire mile, without stopping, in 11 minutes and 34 seconds!! My best time yet!! I was (am) so proud, and felt like the queen of the world!! It felt great to bust out an entire mile when I had been thinking i'd barely be able to finish a lap! Anyway, I spent 50 minutes at the track (jogging some and walking some) and burned 53o calories. I think it's safe to say that I stopped feeling so bad about my awful morning workout when all was said and done!

As for today... I am absolutely SPENT. Rather than following my plan and doing an hour on the elliptical today, I am going to do some flexability yoga tonight with the hubs, and call it good. This bod needs a little break!! However, I will absolutely be back on the elliptical tomorrow morning at 5:20, and will be shredding again on Saturday. Can't wait to see how many lbs I lose this week!

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Connie Weiss said...

Hey Mallory! Thanks for your comment at Utahn To Do blog! I'm so excited you found me and that we can share ideas about Ogden.

I tried to start the Shred a couple weeks ago and I only made it one day! I was so sore!

Good luck this week!

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