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Monday, June 22, 2009

A Week of Pride

On track doesn't even begin to describe how awesome that last week has been for me. I worked out a total of 3,650 cals last week which blows away any current record that had been standing. Also, I stayed in my calorie range every singe day...EVEN the weekend which was a sheer act of god but I did it.

I'm on cloud nine right now, thinking about this next week to come and that this working out schedule I am on right now will be able to be maintained when I start my teaching job. Yahoo!! Here's to another successful week.

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Mallory said...

I'm so happy that we both had great weeks!! I'm excited to see what this new week will bring! I can't believe how many cals you burned last week. That's a complete POUND, not to mention all the afterburn and deficit and all that! Amazing!

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