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Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm just going to throw it all out there. The past 4 days have been BAD. I haven't exercised since last Thursday, and my weekend eating was completely out of control. I am hormonal, and rather than trying to control myself and do the best I can, I didn't even try to reign myself in. And wow, I am really feeling the effects of that. Today I'm feeling fat, bloated, stomach ache, and just all around yucky. I guess that's what I deserve after treating my body the way I did all weekend.

Now with that all out there and off my chest, I'm over it. This is just what happens. I fall off the wagon (sometimes harder than others) and I get back on...

I just got back from my lovely 44 minute lunch time walk and I feel really good. I needed that, that's for sure. This weekend John bought me a biking top, and I bought some padded butt spandex biking shorts! I'm excited! (they don't look that bad, I promise!) And we are going to go for a nice long ride tonight after work. I love working out together. It makes the time go by much faster. Last week we rode our bikes to the tennis courts and played 50 minutes, then rode back home and that was so much fun! It helps me a lot to have John on the same page. His eating and exercise habits have greatly improved in the recent months.

So I'm really REALLY ready to get my weight loss moving once again. For some reason this particular thing happens to me every time. It's so hard for me to get into another 'decade' of numbers. For instance I hovered around 201-200 for a long time. Then I hovered at 191-192 for the longest time as well. Now I'm at 182 and can't seem to get my act together long enough to say goodbye to the 180's. I'm not sure what it is really. Probably a mental thing I imagine. But WOW I am so ready for the 170's! I know I keep saying that, but I really am :O)

I am officially, once again making a goal of tracking my food daily, and doing my lunch time walk every day this week. I can do it. I will report on Friday!

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Stephanie said...

i'm proud of you for blogging even though it was hard instead of avoiding when you feel like you are struggling. This is our struggle and we will beat it. And way to go on the biking i'm way proud of you.

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