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Monday, June 8, 2009

A Day On The Go...In Range

Well wow, I don't know where my motivation came back from, but it must have been dormant for a while.  However, this weekend I just had a moment of clarity.  Who am I doing this for? What am I waiting for? I was constantly waiting for someone to answer these questions for me and to tell me to collect $250 after I pass GO.  This journey is a battle for me AND against me.  The old me with habits clashing with the new me that desperately wants to come out.  The best way to illustrate this is that my anniversary is this weekend...and a year ago today I married the greatest guy I know...weighing in 30 POUNDS LIGHTER.

My day today consisted of getting up at 4:50 am and kickboxing, going to class, heading to a meeting, taking a boy on a visit with his dad, taking him back home, and then going to my godson's baseball game.  I ate breakfast in class of a cup of cereal, then i ran to subway and had one of those new tuscan chicken subs which was yummy, then i had a kashi bar while he was visiting with his dad, and then i made the yummy mexicana soup in the crock pot waiting for me when i got home.  It was an excellent day for my eating and exercise.  Here goes another week:)

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