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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm so happy that we're getting a more positive energy going on this blog now! I'm excited for Steph and I both to have a successful week.

Yesterday was a GREAT day. I wasn't able to do my lunch time walk because I had to go register my car, but I got my bike back from the shop last night so John and I went for a 49 minute ride and I burned 402 calories! And to make that even better, before we went and I was sitting at home waiting for John, I hoped on the elliptical and did 20 minutes, burning 200 calories. So yesterdays total was 600. Not as great as I would love to have, but it was still great of course!

I'm so excited to finally have a bike. John is crazy about bike riding, so hopefully we will be doing a lot of that together this summer. This morning I even rode it to work! 9 minutes and 81 calories. But every minute and every little calorie adds up :O) I also just got back from my lunch time walk, my typical 44 minutes and 319 calories. I tracked my food yesterday (and stayed in my range perfectly!) and am tracking today as well. My weekly goal for this week is to track every day (even dinner, which is where I always bum out) and go for my walk every day. Those are 2 simple things, and I should be able to do them for sure! I'm also planning to go for a bike ride for my workout tonight. There are lots of hills around our house, and last time John rode up towards the mountains he said it was so hard he almost passed out! So it will be interesting!

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