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Monday, June 22, 2009

Bring it on Baby!

Well here it is Monday, and I'm not blogging with the intention of "OMG I'm so glad last week is over, glad a new week is beginning, the weekend was a disaster... blah blah blah". Honest! This past weekend was pretty darn good, aside from being sick in the night on Friday night. Boo. But despite that, I did 90 minutes on the elliptical Saturday!! It was amazing and obviously the longest I've ever gone. I had rented "He's just not that into you" (John was out of town for the morning) and put it on, and just kept going and going and going. And once 60 minutes went by I just KNEW I had it in me to keep going, so I did! And after 80 minutes I thought I was going to die, but I really pushed myself and got a full hour and a half. It felt great and it's exciting to know that I can really push myself like that.

On another accomplishing note... drumroll please...yesterday I was 179.8! I did it! I have broken the barrier into the 170s and I am sooo excited. I'll be honest and say I was back up to 182.0 this morning, but I'm blaming that on the big Father's Day Rib Dinner we had last night, and I'm still way excited to sort of be in the 170's! Yesterday after Church I dared to try on a pair of capri pants that I haven't worn yet this year (hello muffin top!) and they fit like a glove! I was so excited and I just felt fit and fabulous all weekend long! I just got done posting Steph's new progress pictures and now I'm determined to find my camera tonight and get some new pics up. I feel like now that I'm a little smaller, I'll actually be able to start to see my progress more. I once heard (or read) a "paper towel theory" that explained it so well. I just googled it and this is what was written.

The lesson to be learned is that fat, like paper towels, comes off in sheets. When you are heavy, you are big around. And when you are big around, that fat is spread over a MUCH larger area – just like that outside towel sheet. The closer you get to the lean you, the more each lost pound of fat shows, because it is spread over a smaller area. While the outside sheet of a paper towel roll may only cover 1 layer of the roll, the inside sheet may go around 4 times. That last sheet looks like it gives you 4 times the results of the first sheet, but in reality, the results are the same – your perception is just different! And you’ll never see the inside, if you aren't patient while the outside is coming off!

I love that! I know it's such a simple theory, but I think about it a lot! It makes perfect sense, and makes me want to try even harder to get to the point where I'll be able to notice the loss of just a couple lbs.
Oh another exciting thing is that I bought a new workout outfit from Victoria's Secret this weekend. They are clearancing out some of their workout stuff and I got the most comfortable workout Capri's and a matching sports bra. They fit soooo well and are so cute and comfortable that I'm already excited to go home and workout tonight! (AND only 8 days untill I'm off to Virginia!! I'm so excited!)

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