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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 1000 Calorie Day

I just had to celebrate that i burned 1008 calories working out yesterday.  I went on a 30 minute bike ride and burned 354 calories.  I think i increased the burn during my bike ride because i listened to Serena William's Spontaneous Speed that I got off of iTunes.  This is an interval workout that instructs you when to pick up your pace etc.  

Then I went to cardio kickboxing at 5:30 and it was intense.  I burned 654 cals in 45 mins which is just amazing to me.  We did so much ab work, and I learned that jumping rope with a real rope is the number one way to reduce to cellulite. 

anyway just a great day for me and wanted to share it.

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Mallory said...

Ok 3 things about this...

#1- CONGRATS on burning over 1000 calories in one day! That's just amazing.
#2- I didnt' realize your class was only 45 minutes! To burn 654 calories in 45 minutes is freaking insane... and once again, amazing!!
#3- Awesome info about the jumping rope! I never knew that it was a great way to help with cellulite... I have a jump rope at home that I never use so perhaps i'll have to start incorporating that back into my routine.

Congrats on having an overall completely awesome day!

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