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Sunday, September 6, 2009

6:30 am on a Sunday

I have been extremely absent from life if general the last couple weeks.  Two weeks ago I started my new job at the high school teaching level III special education.  I was so nervous in the beginning but I am really feeling like i am getting into the swing of things.  Then I started classes at UNI to work on my Masters Degree in Special Education which is looking to be a hell of alot more work than I was anticipating.

However, the most exciting thing that I have done was last Saturday, August 29th, I weighed in for WOW.  Wow stands for the Workout of Workouts.  We attend class five days a week, four of which are just the people in our program, and the 5th we can attend a class of our choice.  Monday and Wednesday are cardio kickboxing, and Tuesday/Thursday are strength training.  

I weighed in at 224 pounds and my body fat percentage was 41%...not great numbers but I didn't know what the numbers would look like.  I have a long way to, but after week 1 of WOW I am down to 216.4 right now on my home scale.  There have been many times that I am questioning if that can even be possible, because I am eating, satisfied, and not starving.  The diet that we are on with WOW stresses the importance of lean protein.  Our instructor says our calories should come from 60% protein, 20% carbs, and 20% other.  My diet varies every day and I have been eating a variety of different meals.  If you are my friend on sparkpeople check out my tracker.

At 6 weeks we will measure and weigh, but we won't do our body fat analysis again until the middle of november.  This is my pledge to blog about my progress each week through this journey.  I can't wait to see what my body is capable of achieving.  

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Mallory said...

Yes! I have been waiting for this post :O) I'm so excited that you're going to blog your weekly progress from WOW! GREAT job on your loss so far!

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