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Saturday, September 12, 2009

W.O.W. Week 1

The first week of WOW ended successfully, I weighed in at 224 and at the end of this week I was down to a surprising 219.  This simply depended on the scale that I was using because according to my home scale it was 217.8, but I was extremely ecstatic about a 5 pound loss in one week.

The hardest challenge that first week surprisingly wasn't getting up at 4 am, but actually making my body go to sleep at 8-8:30 at night.  The first few nights I would fall asleep and wake up at midnight because I think my body thought I was taking a nap or something.  However, then the sheer exhaustion of my day set in.  

Our coach Kristan made a very important statement before we started this journey and she said that if you don't plan...plan to fail.  This couldn't be more true, because I lay out my work clothes next to my workout clothes the night before, and pack my lunch with plenty of snacks, generally a couple extras just incase I get a craving or something.  This week I have stayed at or below 1200 calories which is very impressive for me.

Kristan is someone who easily motivates you because she is also a nurse, so she doesn't just know the workout side of fitness but has such a wide grasp on the nutrition side as well.  She met with each of us individually this week to go over food logs and for us to verbally express our goals to her so she understands why we are in the class.  I told her I just want my body back better than I have ever had it and that I want to break the cycle of overweight women in my family.  She heard me and reminded me that when I get more comfortable to talk to them about it and show them that eating healthy isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be.  Her final thought for me that really stuck out was "if you don't make a change how do you expect to get one"...soooo true. 

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