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Monday, August 31, 2009

I did it!

(My shirt looks like it's soaking wet up there, but I promise it's just the shadow of my husband :O)

I'm proud to report that I crossed the finish line in the 2 mile fun run on Saturday. I wasn't able to run the whole thing (which I already knew was going to be the case), but 24 minutes and 7 seconds later, (and 313 calories!) I jogged across the finish line. The first mile was 11 mins and 30 seconds, and the second mile was 12 minutes and 37 seconds. Of course I know this is no world record, but I am still very proud! My very first 'race' that I paid money to attend! And it's fun because now I at least have something to compare myself to, and to work towards. Maybe once a week, or every other week I will time myself in a 2 mile run and watch my progression. Right now I am in week 4 of couch 2 5k, and I still plan on running a 5k this fall. I'd like to set a goal of finishing within 36 minutes or something like that. I guess at it gets closer, I will see. But I definitely AM going to do a 5k this year like I planned!

Edit: I just saw that on the 2oth I made a little goal of finishing within 25 minutes. I had forgotten about that but needless to say, I'm very happy.

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