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Monday, November 30, 2009

And the Winner is....ME!!!

Last night at our banquet for W.O.W. the results were finally shared of who the winners were. I had really hoped I would but until it actually happened, I really didn't think I would. I was even thinking when I was getting ready to go up to our get together last night that I really didn't care because I had already won so many things. I'm a lister by nature, I have daily to-do lists and that is what I was doing in my head about all the reasons that I already won so I want to share it because I came up with some pretty good stuff:
  1. I talk to myself more positively
  2. I don't have fat days anymore...just ones where I knew I had too much salt the day before
  3. My husband bought me a new outfit from Vanity and I didn't have to say,"Honey, you know clothes from that store only fit skinny people"
  4. I can go out to eat and take pride in knowing that I made good choices
  5. For all the great people I have met at Average Joe's, to help cancel out some of the negative ones in my life
  6. That I know when people say nothing at all about my weight loss...that it now comes as the world's greatest compliment.
  7. The confidence I have around my family (if you knew my family you would understand)
  8. That my husband says tells me I look good...with a little different look in his eye
  9. That despite screwing up a few times, I actually stuck with something, saw it through, and now see the results.
  10. Know that I have spent my last dollar on anything that has a headline that says "Get Skinny Quick"
  11. Have cried for the last time watching Biggest Loser...because I won W.O.W. with the results I had, carried 9 credits on my Masters, AND started a brand new job IN THE SAME THREE MONTHS.
  12. Don't get food to make me feel better about anything
  13. Hearing my husband say he's really proud of me
Well that was yesterday and I don't want to minimize my success thus far, but I also don't want it to cloud my better judgement. This is the halfway point of where I am headed, and now I am going into uncharted territory, into a level of fitness I haven't ever seen before, so I have to keep my eye on the ball. My goal is to lose another ten pounds before the next W.O.W. starts January 9th....eek. It is weird I took my week off like Kristan told us too, and I lost 2.5 more than when I did my final weigh in.

So, onward into bootcamp on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays and then Jillian Maximize Frontside on Tuesdays and Maximize Backside on Thursdays. And hopefully I can tell Santa to stick his holiday weight this year right up his wooohooo, if you know what I mean.


Mallory said...

I love your list!! I'm soooo proud of you!!!!!!!!!

geoB said...

Way to go girl!!

Stephanie said...

I love this list. Who needs an actual award when you've gotten all these rewards?
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