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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

W.O.W. Week 10

Yes I have fallen off the face of the planet a few weeks.  I am still making a lot of progress on W.O.W. and learning so much about myself that it is insane.  Currently I am weighing in at 198.6 pounds, which brings my complete loss to 25.9 pounds since I started this program and 36 since January when I really started trying to lose weight the right way. 

This is a link to me on the KWWL news, which is a local news channel here in Northeast Iowa, and they have a segment called "Someone You Should Know" and I nominated my teacher at my gym for it and she got it!! It was great, but it is a inside look into what I have been doing for the last almost 11 weeks now.  

I am happy about the fact that I am not the same person I was when I started this.  I don't feel deprived any way about the choices that I am making.  There are some days that are alot harder than others, but I don't want to be that girl anymore or ever again.

Other things that I have found that have helped me include:

1. www.smoothiecompany.com you can order the mixes and protein powder off this website and it gives you 20 grams of protein, and it really helps you feel full but you can't taste the protein powder at all (and that is really saying something because generally that stuff makes me gag like crazy) A girl at class introduced me to this and man I love it, and it is so low maintenance for in the morning. 

2. South Beach High Protein Cereal Bars- Again for only 140 cals you get 10 grams of protein, so many of us when we are trying to lose weight cut out the wrong things.  If you eat the proper amount of protein, you won't even notice that you are under 1200 cals in a day because YOU FEEL FULL!!! its really neat.  This is one of my favorite ways to get in some extra.

3. The Power of Poached Eggs- I haven't ever been a breakfast person, I really got an intervention from Kristan in class about this because it really has become the most important one of the day for me. This is a meal that I will have any time of day because just boil about 5 inches of water, break two eggs into a dish then dump in the water (simultaneously put one piece of toast down in toaster), let it boil over at least twice, scoop them out onto the toast, put a little salt and pepper on them.....and taaaada you have an amazing meal that will keep you going for 3-4 hours for 15 grams of protein and under 300 cals. 

4. Plan ahead or plan to fail!! Plan your meals ALL OF THEM and stick to it the best you can. I even put my food for the entire day into my spark nutrition tracker then the next morning I go in and make a few changes if they did, but normally i delete stuff. 

However, the most important thing that I have learned through this journey so far....is that there is no meal on earth or food that can make me feel better than trying on the smallest pair of jeans I own (SIZE 16) and have them be baggy like I did THIS MORNING!!!!!

To anyone reading this that is just waiting to lose weight until they have time to spend on it, have money to pay for it, or whatever, don't miss out on your life. If working out at home doesn't work for you (like me), or you prefer to work out at home but are burned out from what you are doing.  Make an investment in yourself, because when you stop giving yourself a choice about being unhealthy...change will happen. And 


Mallory said...

This post made me very very happy :O)

Look at all the things you've learned, and what an awesome attitude you have!!

And HUGE CONGRATS on the size 16 pants being too big!!! Wowww!!!!!

Mari Ann said...

Wow! You are such a motivated person, you know how to control everything inside you! Congrats for the efforts you've made that reaches your goals :) Indeed we must enjoy our life!

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