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Friday, November 20, 2009

W.O.W. - The Finale

Well this is the email that wraps this program all up. In case you are reading this for the first time and have no idea what I am talking about, August 31st I began a program called W.O.W., which stands for the Workout of Workouts. It is a 12 week program, where you go to the gym here in my hometown Monday through Friday from 4:30-5:15am to workout, attend a weekly meeting from 5:15-5:30am on Mondays, and then you are also responsible for turning in your food logs every week showing our instructors what you have been eating so that you can get feedback from them or tips to help you maximize. Mon/Wed/Fri are cardio kickboxing and Tues/Thurs are strength training.

Doesn't sound that profound does it? It doesn't have a catchy slogan or a cheesy infomercial just a few people that give a crap about helping people live better lives. And all they wanted me to do was give them 45 minutes of my day and write down what i was eating....not that complicated is it?! When I started this I had excitement that was building up, but in the back on my head I really thought that that excitement would fade and that it would probably be another one of those things that I tried that just didn't work for me. And boy was I wrong. Here are my pics, the files are kind of big, but this is the beginning and after pics, I will post my original beginning pic when I get it so there is a good comparison.


This morning at final weigh in-i'll be honest....damn i look hot

My measurements before (Aug. 31):

Body Fat Percentage: 41.8%
Weight: 224.5
Hips: 51 1/2"
Waist: 48 3/4"
Chest: 43 1/2"
Thigh: 28 1/2"
Arm: 13 3/4"
Push-Ups in 1 min: 0
Sit-Ups in 1 min: 30

My measurements after (Nov. 20):

Body Fat Percentage: 38.3%
Weight: 194.6
Hips: 48"
Waist: 41 3/4"
Chest 40"
Thigh: 26"
Arm: 12 3/4
Push-ups in 1 min.: 19
Sit-ups in 1 min: 43

I have been instructed to take a few days off after an intensive program like this, and my body is telling me the same thing....but alas no worries because I start Kickboxing Bootcamp November 30th at 4:30 AM....followed by the next W.O.W. starting January 9!!!!!!


Mallory said...

I've already told you all this... but yeah. Completely about to die right now looking at this new picture. I've never felt so proud!! lol You are MY inspiration sister!!!

purple_moonflower123 said...

You look awesome!! It is something to look back and compare present and past pictures and see the difference in the body!! Keep it up!

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