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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In Remembrance...of Amy Jensen

I haven't had the strength to watch these until last night, but I really want to share them with people. Amy was a student at the last school that I taught at, I had her little brother who you will see in the video (that is huge now) in my very first class I taught.

Amy was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer during the spring of 2007, I became her tutor while she was going through chemo, both rounds. I would get her assignments from her teacher, and then spend time with her and teach her the material that she missed. That went on her entire junior year of high school, and she just went to school when she felt up to it to see her friends.

I am sure that Amy taught me more than I ever taught her, about the human spirit. She was the true definition of everything that is good in the world, and the strength of a true fighter. I was truly lucky to have known her. Please watch these.

This blog is all about our journey in health and fitness. These are about Amy's final gift to her family and friends. Why do we let ourselves live unhealthy lives...because we feel like it? because we can if we want to? I think about Amy a lot and the life that I get to live compared to hers that was cut so short. We can save ourselves, and she couldn't, but she gave it a hell of fight.

My favorite memory of Amy happened one day when I came over to work on her algebra and there was this really pretty little bouquet of flowers on the table and I said "Amy these are way pretty?" She replied, "well i let Snipper (her dog) out to go to the bathroom and his leash got snagged around my crutches, I fell down the stairs into the flower bush....and I figured while I was there I would pick a bouquet." That was Amy, nothing got in her way.

Get off the couch and get going, being overweight is a preventable condition but the side effects of it can take you away from those you love the most.

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