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Friday, December 18, 2009

Burnout and Exhaustion

Believe it or not it isn't from working out, its from life in general. This last week and a half has really given me a run for my money. It is time for Christmas break because I am losing patience with my students, who's behaviors are absolutely not their fault because they are reinforced at home, however inappropriate for school they may be. I just don't have a lot of "fight" in me right now to nip these in the butt.

Finals at UNI are finally over...and I think I survived. I wrote a 21 page annotated bibliography, a 7 page book analysis, 150 pages of portfolio work, and an option project that was 14 pages about student-led IEP. My brain hurts, and I just have no ambition to do anything. I am about ready to put Ghandi in the VCR seriously and coast into break. I can't believe i even just said that.

Thankfully, my eating has been good so I haven't gained any weight, but I sure as hell haven't lost any either. I have been doing Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga, so it isn't that I haven't done anything...I think that it just feels like it. Also, I have to learn how to not beat myself up because I do have my priorities straight...and that was my graduate classes, but damn I feel like a slacker.

Ok I just had to share that.

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