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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Isn't this how it goes...

I am finally feeling back on track and then its almost like clockwork that i feel something is in my way.  I'm all fired up because I feel my body getting back into order after an incident with generic birth control and then i wake up this morning with a HORRIBLE sore throat.  This isn't an excuse to go and eat a buffet or anything, I just often don't exercise when i'm not feeling well because i feel like it wears me out even more.  

I just have to keep telling myself....I'm not getting sick i'm not getting sick i'm not getting sick.  And if i click my heels together three times maybe i'll just get my wish.

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Mallory said...

UGH are you seirous!? Sick again?!?!? Wow this spring/winter has NOT been good to us as far as illness goes. ~~I'm sending you all my healthy vibes~~

Just do what you can do. Then when your feeling better, you can start kicking booty again :O)

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