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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some of my new favorite things

Well I think it is time for me to blog about some of the things that I really appreciate in my ongoing struggle with losing weight.
  1. Fitness Magazine- Article about always having a plan B for working out. It is genius, and a really necessary way for the to think about fitness and my life. I might not do it when I schedule it...but I WILL DO IT!!
  2. fitday.com-this is a really great tool to compare my food, activity, and gauge my calorie intake. I like it because I do all the things that I need to do, then sign out and go on with my day. plus its free!!!
  3. Serena Williams Spontaneous Speed Workout Mix-This is a great play list that I like to listen to when I am walking, running, or on my elliptical. It is nice that you can listen to it doing any of this stuff. And I have never had an playlist that I bought on itunes and liked every single song on it.
  4. www.mapmyrun.com This is neat and easier than going out and measuring your routes with your car, and I don't know how it does what it does but it is fun and again FREE.
Many of these ideas were brough to me by the CrankyFitness blog (www.crankyfitness.com), but some I tripped on to and figured out for myself. Well enjoy... I know I am.

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jadedjabber said...

Is this a new format? I love the pic on top.

I love this blog. I think it is a great idea and you two are inspiring for me. I can't wait to get my hands on that mix. :-)

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