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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kickboxing rocks

So my new mantra is kickboxing. I started on Monday morning and it is soooo awesome!! I burned 650 cals the first day and 680 this morning. It isn't for the faint of heart and I sweat more than I ever have doing anything in my whole life. My only problem is that I have to use someone elses gloves right now till mine get in....and they stink, like the kind of stink that could make you vomit with enough exposure.

I am feeling revitalized by my choice to start an organized class. It took all the guess work out of working out out of my hands. Honestly, that is just exactly what needed to happen. I had the best intentions in the world about making myself workout at home etc....but the bottem line is that I wasn't and if I was I dogged it through most of it.

I met a friend at this class and she said something and provided me with something that a workout video can't do....she said "Hey Steph...See you Friday?" and I said "For Sure". So if nothing else does, that will get me out of bed Friday morning. I am back on the winning side and I can't wait till Friday and to see what body is going to do with this new workout to tackle.

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