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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

W.O.W. Week 5

This week I learned a lot about how hard it is eating out and not being at home while maintaining a diet regime.  Plus I had a really horrible cold last week too, but I didn't use it as an excuse to not get my butt out of bed and go to class.  

We had a different instructor on Friday, TJ, and he really was awesome.  It was different to have us warming up on the bags, and we got to do more sparring which is one of my favorite things to do. But overall it was just a hell of a good workout.

I didn't lose any weight this week, but I didn't gain either.  I'm taking that as a victory in and of itself because I went to two of my favorite types of restaurants, mexican and panera bread, and I did a good job of ordering etc.  Then Saturday we went to a wedding and I just didn't plan right, I thought I would make it through without any kinks, but I didn't.  My body was starving and I had a few beers with friends...so I ate the food.  But week 6 is going to be better.

I can't wait till next week, we are weighing, measuring, and doing our Body fat % because it will mark the halfway point for us. 

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